Walk as lions…

My family loves music! My husband and I are both former high school band nerds, and play instruments still. My kids usually wake up singing, sing as they play, and dance all throughout the day. It is one of the ways we celebrate our little victories and hold tight through our struggles.

In the first few months after Brian and I married, we were able to go to a concert that I was super excited about one group and Brian was about the other. It was Toby Mac and Skillet’s Awake Tonight tour! I love me some Toby Mac, so I was willing to be introduced to Skillet for the chance to see him. I did not know what I was getting into.  Skillet (if you aren’t familiar with the group) is a hard rock group. That concert felt like I was in a respiratory therapy session. My lungs rattled all the way through Monster. But I fell in love!

Fast forward to this past month, we got to see Air1’s positive hits tour. We took all the kids and had a blast! We saw Tauren Wells, Gawvi, Britt Nicole, Colton Dixon, and SKILLET! image1My babies are excellent head bangers, y’all! Especially my little man. Don’t bother telling him he is only 1 and shouldn’t know how to head bang or dance to the beat. That boy is a mover!

Skillet played a new (at least to me) song, titled Lions, that I would like to share with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

You can watch it on YouTube here.

As you go about this week, let this be your anthem, your call to arms, your pep rally!



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