Seasonal Affective Disorder: Not just a state of blue!

Hey, y’all! I know I have been pretty quiet silent lately. There are several people who have even reached out to check on me. (Thank you!) I wanted to give you a heads up as to why I’ve been silent. This post has taken well over a month for me to write. I just couldn’t find the words, the right images, the realness, the rawness to do it justice.

See, I am a Christian. I am fully, completely, totally saved and live a Spirit driven, Spirit filled life. So, I’m supposed to be “joyful”, right? But, y’all,  I also suffer with depression. There have been times where I have been accepted and my depression was no big deal. There have been times where I have been told to “buck up” and “think of others” that “it’s selfish to be depressed”. I along with 3 million other people  have a time of year that gets us. We are bogged down and unable to function as we normally do. When the sun goes down earlier, it is hard to get our spirits to lift. For the most part, I don’t require medications to treat mine. I am usually able to push through. This fall was different. This winter, I was broken. I felt torn apart with a depressing spirit that would not release me. So, I have been on a break while I refuel my spirit.

I don’t know why I feel like I need to explain myself to the 20 or so people who will read this, but there you have it. I am honestly broken and desperately in need of a savior.

IMG_0815So, I am hoping to be back to my usual posting schedule soon. Thanks for sticking with me. I am headed outside to my deck to get some sunshine and Son-shine.

Be blessed,


9 thoughts on “Seasonal Affective Disorder: Not just a state of blue!”

  1. Thanks for being brave enough to post this! It’s important for us to know that salvation and joy do not mean we will always be happy, much less that we should take depression less seriously. As one who knows this struggle, I pray for you!

    1. Amen, Brother! I think my electric bill in the winter is so high just from me turning on every light in the house, rather than the heat! I love a bright day of sunshine and fresh air. It will be here soon!

  2. Thanks so much for being bold enough to share your struggle! I don’t claim depression but I will say that when it gets cold outside and the sun doesn’t shine as much, I too battle with raging emotions-frustrations, lonlieness, and a few other negative emotions. So I can definitely relate and I also simply KEEP PRESSING with prayer, reading the Word, spending time with God, and trying to stay as postive as I can until the sun comes back out again!…So you are NOT alone-thanks so much for sharing! And KEEP PRESSING! 😘❤😍😀

    1. I am so thankful for hearing these words! Living in community (even if virtual) is truly full of blessings! I will continue to press on and lean in to the arms of the Great Counselor. 🙂

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